Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Leggy Gets New Teefs!

Dani and I went down to SoCal a few weeks ago. Some how it came up that I had never whitened my teeth before. Dani's mom took one look at my little yellow chompers and took pity on me. She went home and fixed her suck-down machine and offered to make me bleach trays! I had never really thought about teeth whitening but when I heard that I would get a plaster mold of my own teeth I was sold. Plus I couldn't believe how nice it was that she fixed her machine for me.

This is how it worked:
First you mix some fowl tasting orange stuff in a bowl.

Like this.

Then you push it on my teeth and I have to sit there for a while with orange play-dough bulging from my mouth. (probably not the first time)

Then you get these.

Then Dani's mom works some magic and these come in the mail!

I haven't used the bleach trays yet. But I will and you all will be blinded by the sparkles coming off my teefs.

Monday, October 8, 2007

The Great Republic of Rough and Ready

Its taken me a long time to blog about this trip, I don't know why. At any rate all of this happened a long time ago. This was probably our last trip to Tahoe National Forrest this year. Even though it was early in the season the weather caught us unprepared. The forrest was thick with fog and intermitten slight rain. Most of the night we were dry. I was having intense dreams about laybrinthine water falls only to wake with my foot soaked with rain water. It had been raining all night and our rain flap kept us pretty dry until the started to collect and seep into the corners of the tent. We broke camp (in a coffee-less daze) in a the rain and me in one wet sock (for some reason I only brought on pair.)

The first ghost-town we found was French Corral. There was only one building of note. The most noteworthy part of the building seemed to be its refusal to fall, to give up the sum of its component parts and collapse to the ground. I guess that's reason enough for us to seek it out. If something has been struggling to stand for so long- someone ought to take note.

The next town we found was Bridgeport. It boasts the longest single span covered bridge in the U.S. It spans the Yuba River which looks paltry now as the waters that feed it freeze in the mountains.

On our last day, after breaking camp in the rain and not changing our clothes (there was really no point) we went to The Great Republic of Rough and Ready. Named for "Old Rough and Ready" President Zachary Taylor. Apparently, Rough and Ready was the only mining town to seceed from the union and then vote itself back in. The story seems a litte specious, but I like it.

I don't think Rough and Ready was a ghosttown by even a loose definition. It is old and was founded by miners but it had a definite population. In fact every Sunday the town band plays. It was so fun to see and lifted our soggy spirits. If you're ever in Rough and Ready don't miss it. FruitJarPickers.com

Monday, October 1, 2007

Dark Day

Looking for camping at Dark Day Campground on Emerald Cove Marina. We didn't find any camping there, only the most aptly named spot on earth.

That's me plinking away on the guitar softly in the background.