Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Leggy Gets New Teefs!

Dani and I went down to SoCal a few weeks ago. Some how it came up that I had never whitened my teeth before. Dani's mom took one look at my little yellow chompers and took pity on me. She went home and fixed her suck-down machine and offered to make me bleach trays! I had never really thought about teeth whitening but when I heard that I would get a plaster mold of my own teeth I was sold. Plus I couldn't believe how nice it was that she fixed her machine for me.

This is how it worked:
First you mix some fowl tasting orange stuff in a bowl.

Like this.

Then you push it on my teeth and I have to sit there for a while with orange play-dough bulging from my mouth. (probably not the first time)

Then you get these.

Then Dani's mom works some magic and these come in the mail!

I haven't used the bleach trays yet. But I will and you all will be blinded by the sparkles coming off my teefs.


Dani said...

you have beautiful teefs. the gold paint looks like a grill. my mom could make you a grill, now, you know!

juanita said...

Oh no, I see the stars already. You will no longer need a flash to take your pic. SMILE!!!!!

D said...

clean them shits!