Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Death Valley Resuscitated

Death Valley really gussied itself up for us this time. The colors were amazing. I mean who knew that the desert could be green? The desert flowers were blooming, the kangaroo rats were scampering and we were giggling uncontrollably as we rolled into Boyscout Camp at 2 am. (On previous trips we turned our noses up at Boyscout Camp thinking that it wasn't rough and ready enough for us but actually its the perfect place to crash and then make a quick get away in the morning.)

On Saturday (our only full day) we drove to Leadfield. Leadfield sort of seems like a funny tragedy. It was only a town for a year in the 20's during a mining boom that resulted from "wild and distorted advertising." The desert is full of bizarre, tragic endings that ultimately go unnoticed. (see Pete Aguereberry in addition to the story in the link Poor Aguereberry eventually found gold but it was stolen while he was at church)

Even the rocks seemed to be in bloom.

The way out of Leadfield is a one way road through Titus Canyon. So beautiful and amazing! This was only the beginning

The Racetrack, my favorite, where the rocks move by themselves but only when no one is looking. It is 20 miles in on a dirt road so bumpy it took us 2 hours to get there. But I don't care, it is always worth it!

Hi Andy

Ubehebe Crater

On the way home we took a route that we had only traveled at night and were amazed at what we had be missing. Kern River is beautiful, the Yuba still has my heart but I do have a wandering eye for Kern.

Plus while driving we passed through some sort of blossoming jasmine farm that filled the air with the most intense smell of jasmine I had ever sniffed.


Andy said...

and we sniffed big

christine said...

Wow...quite beautiful