Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Boca, The Place Not the Burger

Things I learned on our trip to Boca:

1. Blowing tufts of air at people in the airport will keep them from being terrorists
2. Red-eyes aren't so bad when you're traveling east. (We will do it again even with Blast)
3. Even if nobody mentions that your sister is visiting as well- it is always fun to see her.
4. If there is a repeated wheater advisory telling you to stay in doors at all costs you will probably get drenched if you try to go for a walk.
4. Humidity can be a good thing
5. Chihuahuas can be cute as long as they are called Ramon

6. My Grandpa Chuck loves WD
7. Soy is hard for pregnant people to digest
8. Ice cream can be more expensive than at BiRite
9. I will never get bored as long as there is a beach or a pool
10 I miss my Daddy


Anonymous said...

who is that big-bellied chihuahua- carrying lady?

Leggy said...

Thats WD, but I tell you if a chihuahua pops out of that belly I will have some serious questions!

Andy said...

It's a chihua-a-roo pouch.

Andy said...

It's a Chihua-a-roo pouch

w.d said...

it is not! it is a blasto pouch!

Linda L. said...

The trip looks like it was big fun. Danny is sooo darling. I really wanted to see her so I am happy that you posted a photo. Take care. Mom