Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Dad and Debbie move to Boca

My Dad and Debbie just moved into a new house in Boca Raton. My Mom, Katie Dani and I all came for a visit. It was a little before the snowbirds descended. The whole town seemed like it was in suspended animation, waiting for swarms of old people to populate it.

The trip was amazing. We walked to the beach, hung out in the pool. We only ate food cooked outside and rarely wore shoes.

Wake Up W.D. we're in Boca Raton!

Let's lounge with my mom and dad in the pool.

"It is time for the beach!" Dad announces

We're gonna need some pool noodles FAST!

W. D. don't forget your special head dress!

Hmmm... What should we do now?

Hey! How about we take Grandpa to the Morikami Gardens!

That sounds like a great idea!

Hey, aren't we cute.


Andy said...

Wow, you are in fact cute.

Anonymous said...

Crushed does not even begin to describe how I'm feeling right now with the lack of photographic evidence of my presence. I will take my noodles and go back home.