Sunday, September 2, 2007

Hot Time Summer in the City

It is finally summer in SF. Technically, this is my first summer in here. Last summer I was in L.A. pretending I was a hot shot gallery person, but missing my NorCal home. Dani and I have been trying to take full advantage of the warm fog-less so called Indian Summer by taking evening walks on Ocean Beach.

Being born an east coaster, it is really cool to see the sun set on the beach.

We always seem to catch low tide and tons of sand dollars are washed up on the beach.

And creepy large dead jellies.

The beach does seem a bit polluted. Some of the sand is sort of oily black and sticks to our feets. And then there are these orange bubbles that don't pop. I refuse to do any research about the pollution in the area because we have so much fun. Plus the tail I've been growing is proving very helpful.

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juanita said...

I gave you that tail when you were 2, don't blame the beach....sorry, family thing, I guess you've never seen mine.