Friday, December 7, 2007


Andy and I went on SF Live, a local public access show, for work! I'm too scared to watch. In my mind non sequiturs and silly, awkwardly constructed sentences fell out of my mouth and made everyone uncomfortable. I'm sure my memory makes it worse than it was but I will probably never watch it (unless I get attacked by some beast-like curiosity.)

But here it is for everyone else to see:

P.S. I made the StickLove video, but no one is supposed to know


Andy said...

You just wish you made the stick love video.

Linda L. said...

After viewing your video, just know that your mother will die a fulfilled and complete being. You have a service that will leave the world better than you found it, the skills to serve and just as promised by God himself, that service will sustain you. There is nothng more for a mother to want, and no better reason to live a life (either yours or mine). Also, I love Andy.

Anonymous said...

Hey it is Reagan here. You and Andy were great. If you were nervous, I could not tell and you did NOT make anyone uncomfortable. I would love to come to the conference. Please stop being hard on yourself. You will only be more confident in your newfound stardom by watching it with an open mind.

Cree Momma said...

Wow my cousin she was just in VA on the beach, and now she is on TV...I am sooooooooooo Proud of you! Go Leggy Goooooooooooooo.
Love you
Carla, Craig and Cree!
PS. There was nothing silly about any of it! You were great!

Andy said...

don't let the blog die! I need more!