Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Fans rest easy I am back!

It has been hard for me to keep up with my personal blog since blogging has become one of my work duties. For some reason it's hard to convince myself that the exact same activity can be both a chore for work and something for fun. So I'm trying out personal blogging from work (don't tell Andy)Anyway this post will just be a miscellaneous smattering of things I've been doing recently. Which to be honest isn't much. The camping weather is long gone and I've been sick. I can now count myself among the few who have vomited tuna through their nose (or am I the only one.)
This is an open truck bed of dead pigs. There are so many things wrong with this I don't even know where to begin. Hooray for being a vegetarian. Not for the sake of the poor little piggies but who would want to eat something that's been dead in the back of a truck for who knows how long.

A Christmas Tree, loved intensely for less than a month and then carelessly discarded like an abandoned truck full of dead piggies.

Dani and I went to Coit Tower for New Year's Day. One more San Francisco landmark to cross off the list. I've already forgotten the interesting facts I learned about Lille Coit who wore a fire hat all the time and smoked cigars and gambled like mad.

I especially loved the socialist leaning WPA art on the ground floor that delayed Coit's original opening day.

The End


Andy said...

Silly Leggy, those are stuffed animal pigs for a toy drive.

Leggy said...

Oh yes! Babies love to play with disemboweled carcases. I always forget that.

w.d. said...

god i almost forgot about those pigs. no one around us seemed to realize how gross it was. ew!!!!