Friday, February 29, 2008

Everything I own is from Craigslist

I love but not as much as the W.D. Craigslist is really an amazing community making portal. I love having a way to connect with people that have what I need and with people that want what I have. It is nice to see your old stuff go to good use. Every time we move we become wheelers and dealers in the grand Craigslist exchange community. But this time W.D. took craigslist-ing to new heights.

Here is the running tab.

Our Grandma couch.
To some nice young college girls that were new to the city and couldn't understand why we were even selling it.

Our Bed and Mattress:
To a lady that made up a lie that her son was sleeping on the floor and really needed the bed in order to haggle us down. Little did she know that we were just glad to be rid of it.

My broke-ass dresser
posted for free and was gone in 2 hours.

Dani's Ipod mini
to the cutest little teenager having his first craigslist experience.

My manual typewriter
to sulky teenager that wanted to be a writer and needed the old school typewriter to feel authentic.

My Playstation and games
to an odd guy buying because his sister was visiting with her kids and he wanted to seem cool

Dani's Lesbian themed videos
to a woman in the south bay that hosted goddess poetry nights and repeatedly wished us a good life.

Dani's computer keyboard
to a nice lady

Our extra ukuele case
to a crazy lady who's antique uke was stolen and then recovered by the police but with a broken case handle. This sale hasn't actually happened yet because the women is so crazy she can't schedule the pick up but she keeps calling.

Dani's Desk
to an odd little hippie boy who asked us unanswerable questions like: "So its a desk... what have you been using it for primarily?" um... I don't know, mostly we've been using it as a...desk.

Still for sale

Our new apartment

Two Cal students that move people for extra cash

Boxes for the move
Free from some nice rich guy that just bought a house in Potrero

Ikea Couch
From a nice guy that was getting his first "big boy" couch and dry cleaned the slipcover of this one often.

Bed, hypoallergenic mattress and side table
From a super rich woman in loft that accidentally locked me out for 1/2 hour in my socks.

Super sweet orange Schwinn Varsity bike:
From Harvey a cute Stanford student.

hmmm... can't think of anything else. Dani please fill in the missing items.


w.d. said...

i think you covered it. you didnt mention i was on craigslist probation right now.

Andy said...

I miss katamari already. I just liked knowing it was there.

Leggy said...

one more thing... we even craigslisted away all the boxes after we moved!

ajax said...

i liked these stories very much.
i'm going to do some sudoku now.