Thursday, August 9, 2007

My Mom visits Sci-Fi City

My mom came back to San Francisco with me after my trip to VA. She stayed with us for a whole week. It was a really amazing time. We haven't spent this much time together in years (probably before I went to college.) Dani and I showed her all around the bay area. We went to the botanical garden at Tilden Park.

We stopped on the way down from the park to see the fog consume the city.

On Saturday we went to the Ferry Building and saw the Farmer's Market.
From there we took the ferry to Sausalito and then took a shuttle to Muir Woods. It was really fun although it was a little stressful-- at each leg of the trip we were a little concerned that the next form of transportation was going to fall through for some reason-- But it all worked out (thanks to the exceptional planning skills of the Wild Dani.)

The fog was so dense it made the city look really creepy as we rode back in on the ferry.

Sunday 8/5 was Jerry Day! My mom was really excited to celebrate Jerry Day in his home town. This was also our first time to Mclaren Park. All the bay area dead-heads dusted off all the old tie-dye and draped themselves from head to toe. I'm glad my mom was here for this because it was a really good time and W.D. and I wouldn't have gone without her.

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Anonymous said...

The picture of your mom in Muir Woods is absolutely gorgeous. She's always got such a pretty smile.