Friday, August 31, 2007

Corona Heights Park

I've been biting my nails about Berkeley Art Museum lately and need things to take my mind of it. The crazy puzzle Dani's grandma gave us is complete. The loss of the puzzle was a big blow, leaving my mild OCD with no outlet so I went on a little urban hike up to Corona Heights Park. (Thanks Andy for showing us) The view was amazing and I sat on the rocks and read about the history of the Barbary Coast.

It was a beautiful day. We never get clouds like this in SF. I really need to do more cloud reseach to know just what kind these are-- but I like them.

It's a straight shot up 16th. We live across the street from the large steple.


Linda L. said...

Love the view from the hill. Keep the faith, sweetie. Your day is coming in good time. The moon shots are fantastic. We saw it here on the east coast but I found our about it at dawn and didn't see much of the action. Where were you when you took the shots?

Aunt Nita said...

I really would love to visit SF some day, it looks beautiful. Keep up with the pics you post, I love them. Love you, Aunt Nita.