Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Total Eclipse of the Moon/Heart

Last night I was dreaming about someone complaining that they got into a bike accident while holding their kitten. And this was really very upsetting for them because now their kitten would never want to ride a bike again. Meanwhile, in the dream, I was very annoyed by this because I was trying to show off my guitar skills by playing a song that I don't really know. I was not doing very well impressing the crowd of all my old friends and I felt pretty sure that if this person with the kitten would cut out the annoying prattle I would be able to play majestically.

Thats when Dani woke me up to show me the moon! It was around 2:45 a.m.or so and the eclipse had just started. For the next couple of hours (or it could of been days) I was in and out of dreaming as the moon became increasingly orange and discolored by the earth's shadow.


FreeThinker said...

Lucky you. We had FOG in SF!

Go Leggy Go! said...

I guess I was really lucky because I saw the whole thing from my bed in SF without fog!

Andy said...

I saw the whole thing from my back porch in SF in my underwear!