Tuesday, June 5, 2007

BBQ before I was born

My cousin sent me some photographs of a family BBQ that happened before I was born. I am in love with them. I get this weird sense of time vertigo when I look at them. Its strange to see evidence of the world existing before I was in it.

These are my aunts. This photo is classic, I love the smoke and the cigarette.

I think this photo is amazing. My mom is in the center and my aunt to her right and my great aunt to her left:

This is my Grandma and Great Uncle Joe:

and my Grandpa and my aunt:

There are 3 generations of my family in this photo. I was talking with my mom about this picture and she said that "all the adults in this photo are now gone." It took me a moment to understand that she wasn't including her sisters and herself as adults. Its funny because I am about the same age as she is in these pictures and I don't think of myself as an adult either.


mrs dani L said...

I heart your blog.

Andy said...

I heart BBqin'. When are you guys going to come over in velour and smoke ciggies in the back yard with me? :)

Great great photos. Are they scanned? They came out super clear.