Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Don Quixote has nothing on us!

While Dani was doing trust falls and team building improv at her work retreat Andy and I were charged with the important task of finding a campsite. A task we took very seriously.

But first we found this lonely old bus on the side of HWY 12. There was some barbed wire suggesting that we not go in. So we went in to check out the bus.Andy get your head out of there!
All the seats were out but there was a couch and a stove.

Wind Farming!
We found an open service road that led into a PG&E wind farm. We went chasing wind turbines for awhile. They are amazingly beautiful I could watch them forever.

The sheep huddled together in the shade of the wind turbine.

Birds Landing has peacocks and an amazing tavern. At the tavern we met Shirley and Bob. Shirley was Birds Landing's post mistress for 40 years, she took over the tavern when her husband died. Shirley was very sweet and told us the history of the town. How Collinsville used to flood and she would have to row a boat up to Birds Landing. Also, part of the Clint Eastwood Film Honky Tonk Man was shot at the bar. Shirley and her family watched Eastwood flub his lines from a field across the street.

The peacocks like to look at themselves in Shirley's hubcaps. They are for some reason a point of contention in the town.

Its strange how the first thing you find when arriving at a ghost town is the graveyard.
According to Bob at the tavern these silos hold 7000 year old oyster shells that are being ground up for Bacchi Ball courts (among other things)
I think this is Bob's Geodesic Dome boat. I couldn't really see the boat part but he said it was a boat.

Then we found camping just in time for Dani to arrive. (I think she had her doubts)


Linda L. said...

Your trip was really cool. I can't get over how blue the sky is and what a lovely day it seemed to be. You must find out where the peacocks came from.

Andy said...

I love that video with the turbine shadow so much.

Show off.

FYI: Shirley = post mistress 32 years