Sunday, June 3, 2007

Rough and Ready was neither rough nor ready

So we didn't go
but we did go someplace...

Woodruff Creek:
The Woodruff Creek mosquitos welcomed all of us but Andy most of all fittingly.

From Woodruff Creek just follow the dirt road up into the moutains and eventually you will find Forest City.Population 40 but not a soul to see

There was mining equipment in weird states of repair and disrepair.

Everything looked abandoned, restored, and abandoned again.

The school house was the one place we could go in, except for the outhouse. Where we saw evidence that bears do in fact go in the woods and do use TP.

The light inside was amazing

Malakoff Diggins the result of hydraulic mining. Miners sprayed high pressure water and just washed away the mountain.

This drain tunnel goes on for 7, 847 feet under The Diggins:

We went in about 20 feet when thoughts of The Decent turned us around.

We all have our talents:

The next morning we went on an awesome hike to the Yuba River
and found
Another Cave!!!!!

Then we skipped rocks in the melted snow water of the Yuba (one of us in their underpants.)


Andy said...

Even with Kramer driving we made it there...or somewhere.

Andy said...

OMG. I love the from-the-mine shots, and the flowers. Forest city is a wild mountain flower hang out.

danilicious said...

youre an amazing photographer, baby.

Andy said...

OMG. the bloody one really through me off.

Anonymous said...

These are some gorgeous pictures. Damn girl, you got the cutes the smarts, and the talents, it's no fair.