Thursday, June 14, 2007

I Made It To Oregon City!

Despite some trials and hardship our party made across the Oregon Trail!

Of course Dani was the first to fake sick, she just wanted to shop at the fort gift shop.

What can I say, it felt like we were never gonna get there.

Rainbows upset Dani's tummy :(

Oregon Trail web clone its not exactly like the one of old but close enough. It really manages to convey what westward expansion must of been like for those that actually undertook the journey. Apparently, it was very boring and you get the poos a lot. Despite the common misconception if one of your companions die-- you don't even get the option to eat their remains.


Andy said...

Um, please provide the URL. I'm getting really bored with pacman.

Me said...

I added a link. But don't get your hopes up on finding a pac man replacement.