Monday, July 16, 2007

Amador and Calavaras Chronicle Day 1

It has taken me a while to post about our most recent ghost town extravaganza because I have been too busy itching myself. As posted in other blogs about the subject we had a rough first day. The Wild Dani was cranky because we had forgotten to feed her. She refused our offerings of a much varied array of snack foods. She would only be satiated by meat. Our first option for camping (we didn't plan ahead, poor Wild Dani) was a bizarre trailer park slash convalescent home. It's motto was something to the effect of "Come for a day and stay forever." I was already scared. But being the rough and ready ghost-towners that we are I pushed my fear aside and explored. This odd depot for decrepit faux-transients boasted a historic attraction called "The Glory Hole." When we got out of the truck I immediately heard the rustling of dragging walker wheels headed our direction. The old people were circling! We wrestled W.D. back into the truck and high tailed it out of there. We eventually found another campsite right before W.D. turned into a snaggle toothed demon searching for something to devour. Then we discovered that OH NO! we had forgotten our campstove and tent. (Don't ask how, but I accept no responsibility) Wild Dani flew into a rage (Andy conveniently went to the potty) and she rubbed my exposed skin with poison oak-- which is why I have been to busy itching to post.

The veracity of the above account is already in question but I stand by it.

The Butte Store:
There is no longer anything left of Butte except this store with no roof.

We found other things along the road that were slowly fading from existence.

There was an old appliance store that burned down. Andy has theories about the chain of events

Campo Seco or Dry Camp was the first ghost town that I got really excited about on this trip. There was a row of deserted stone buildings one of which was the Adams Express Building. It is amazing that people still live in this community. They have built their houses and lives right next to visible ruins of the past.


Andy said...

I'd say it is a fairly accurate account of first day's challenges is sad however and You and I were well fed, and W.d. was not.

Leggy said...

Lucky for you and I - we actually thrive on certain combintations of partially hydrogenated oil, MSG and red dye number 6

w.d. said...

and i, unfortunately, am allegic!