Friday, July 27, 2007

Sandbridge, Va

My cousin Shell rented a house on the beach at Sandbridge (VA.) It was sort of a family reunion. My mom, 2 of her 3 sisters and some of my cousins that I grew up with were there. All of my cousins now have children (I am the youngest cousin and the last without children.) I did some research to figure out how the new children are related to me. So a cousin is a relative with whom one shares a common grandparent or more distant ancestor, and who is not in one's own line of descent. The degree (first, second, third cousin, etc.) indicates the minimum number of generations separating either of the cousins from the common ancestor; the remove (once removed, twice removed, etc.) indicates the number of generations, if any, separating the two cousins from each other. So the children of my first cousins are my first cousin once removed, and the children of my cousins are 2nd cousins to one another.
Thanks Wikipedia.

At any rate all the babies played together in the sand and water like we used to.

Chris and Ian played in the waves without fear.

It was Camille's first time at the beach so it took some coaxing but eventually she put her feet in the water.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice! Looks like it was a great trip. And thanks for the cousin explanation. I've lived life thinking I knew what a cousin was then BAM! it goes and changes on me.