Sunday, July 1, 2007

Black Diamond Mine Part II

Back to the Black Diamond Mines, and this time we mean business.
Notice the Hallpass Outdoor Pack and The Grand Teton Day Pack worn by Mr. Dandruff and Wild Dani respectively.

Nice hike, scenic views yadda, yadda, yadda (no flying crickets this time round)
and then.....

Dun tada dun! We found the Prospect tunnel!
as with any great find the paparazzi was present and the flash bulbs exploded:

Dani even came all the way in, 200 whole ft!

only to terrify some baby birds, who retaliated by flying into her head.

Head toward the light, there is peace and tranquility in the light.

We were momentarily stalked by a coyote

Then we found the Star Mine entrance.

During lunch we mapped out our path to "Jim's Place."

Wild Dani seized control of our mission by strategically dampening the map with warm gluteus moisture.

Andy looked on disapprovingly.

The graveyard seen from a distance in entry Black Diamond Mine Part I

We were unimpressed with "Jim's Place." It seems like the park service ran out of interesting sites and so in order to beef up the map they added a silly little cave with some vague directions figuring nobody would bother looking. (run on sentence)
It did have kind of a cool skylight-like opening.

Well, we conquered Black Diamond Mine. We made it to all the sites on the map in one day - six hours of hiking. Although we kicked BDM's ass, the mines didn't really put up a fight.

1 comment:

Andy said...

Me in "Jim's" Place:
"WTF?! This is Jim's Place? I found this hole before and Jim's skeleton wasn't even there! Talk about a let down."

OH, but the tunnel and the coyote and the birds and Wild dani domestication made it all better.