Monday, July 9, 2007

Another Beautiful Day in San Fancisco, or the Difference Between a Maze and a Labyrinth

Amazingly, it was a beautiful day in The Mission but being true San Franciscans (and lacking a ghost town mission) went went to the beach to play in the pea soup fog.

We hiked around Land's End near the Sutro Baths and found Fort Mylie. Fort Mylie was a bit of a maze with stairs and passageways that led nowhere and doors that were soldered shut.

Then we found a labyrinth which I recently discovered are different from mazes because they have but a single path to the center and back.
(I should have taken a video here but oh well.)

After seesawing we had a bizarre experience at lunch- where a waiter half-heartedly called out "is there a Doctor in the house." We quietly hoped everything was going to be OK and slowly continued to eat soggy french fries.


Shasha said...

Haha,funny video and great photos too.

Andy said...

Excellent teetering Legs.