Thursday, July 5, 2007

July, July, July!

Julia, who loves freedom, invited everyone to celebrate independence at her house.

Mark saved the day with his good ole American BBQ know how.

Andy was shy and tried to be inconspicuous by flamingo perching on Dani's head.

The vegetarians hover.

Why yes Nancy, I would love a glass. Thanks for asking.

Julia, that is a beautiful hunk of fish, you have there

Meat, Meat, Only Meat

Fruit Stripe Ladies

I always thought The Blue Tongue Wild Dani was a myth!

Mark and Andy were very manly

and made sure to keep at least 3ft away from any stinkin' girls.

Who has the biggest calf muscle?

Then we modeled


What's a party without a little Thizz Face?


Anonymous said...

the blue tongued wild dani are attracted to thizz dancers.

Anonymous said...

You're killing me. This is some good readin' here. Makes me feel like I'm about 1000 miles away. Dammit. I love your orange jacket too. You're looking super cute these days.

Andy said...

If I'm not mistaken I think the W.dani beat all our socks off at the domino table.