Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Thizz Face on, Why you look like that?

Mac Dre "First, I do like this, put a face on like I smell some piss"

Slang from the Hyphy Movement as described by wikipedia.org:
Those who consider themselves part of the Hyphy movement would describe this behavior as acting "stupid" or "going dumb." In contrast to much of popular American culture where these phrases would be considered negative or even insulting, Hyphy is distinguished by taking this kind of behavior as a form of pride.

"Stunna Shades" - Oversized glasses that people wear when they get hyphy. They help accessorize the sagging jeans and white T-shirts that are part of hyphy fashion. "Stunnas" are frequently aviator style glasses, but often more elaborate or attention getting.

"Thizzle Dance" - Not necessarily one dance, but a variety of dances usually involving strange movements similar to a drunk person. As Mac Dre says in the song "Get Stupid (Remix)," "It don't look right if you really ain't drunk."

"Thizz Face" - A facial expression like you just smelt some urine

Application of what we learned:

See how our Thizz faces compare at RateMyThizzFace.com


Dani said...

your blog is getting way hyphy.

Andy said...

your blog is totally stupid. in a hyphy way. fo shiz.

where's your wifey?

The New Institute said...

Whoa! The pictures fell off my blog, but they are back!

Anonymous said...

I'm thoroughly impressed at how adaptable you are. Hangin' with the hyphys and all.